The Past Month In Numbers

  • The least amount of people we have fed at a meal at our house…9
  • The number of visitors we had…3!  My parents and our friend Christina
  • New puppies…1 winnie
  • New puppy accidents cleaned (during the day, night doesn’t count!)…3
  • Times we’ve been to the pool…4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • Times my Facebook has been hacked…4 (and counting)
  • Road trips…2 (one with the family, one just Mark and some of the boys from here)
  • Enormous batches of Gallo Pinto made…2 (in TWO days, umm…adolescent boys eat a lot!)
  • Most people we’ve fed at one meal…21Christmas dinner
  • Number of Skip-bo games…too many to count
  • Horses ridden…1 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  • New kids living with us…1  (more on this later)
  • People we’ve fit in our 8 seater car…14
  • Wii bowling games…probably about 567
  • Tears shed when Grandparents left…3 million
  • Times I’ve wondered if I’m cut out for this…at least half a dozen.  Each day.
  • Times God has given me what I need, in spite of the fact that we minister out of a platform of weakness…too many to count.
  • LIVE! Seahawks games watched (and WON!)…2! (more to come, hopefully!) seattle seahawks Image Credit
  • Times we’ve been thankful for where we are…everyday.

Thank you for walking with us here in Nicaragua.  Thank you for being a part of our joy.

About mjstearns

We are Mark, Jenni, Tate and Theo Stearns. We currently live in Beaverton, Oregon, but are planning to move to Nicaragua within the next six months. We'll be serving as missionaries to Verbo Church, a non denominational church with several Nicaraguan locations. Specifically we'll be working at Casa Bernabe, an orphanage run by the church, assisting in vocational training and transition programs for the older boys.
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  1. Sean Durity says:

    I’m sorry the Falcons will have to win this weekend’s playoff game.

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