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High Hopes

The worldview study we started with the kids is going well.  Many of them are very confused, not having realized before that our God is a God of relationships, not rules.  This has been mind-blowing for several of them, and … Continue reading

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What’s up?!

          I am really sorry for the lack of posts.  I will say, it’s been a long month…a very long month.  Mark is back now, but I can’t say that we’ve recovered yet.  In the last … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Different Spin

So, up until now, Jenni has been the primary blogger. Which is wonderful, because, even though I’m slightly biased, I think she’s a fantastic writer. Her posts are full of wit, humor and insightful depth. We are spending the month … Continue reading

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Where we are now

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Ready to Move!

We are driving out tomorrow morning for Houston.  I’m super excited, but also dreading the goodbyes that accompany leaving.  I’ve already had some pretty emotional goodbyes, but tomorrow will be very emotional as we say farewell to both sets of … Continue reading

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Discerning God’s Voice

Tate’s always been a very concrete kid.  One of my favorite examples of this happened at a wedding last summer.  Tate was playing ping pong with a 20-something guy and the following conversation transpired:  Ping pong player:  Tate, you sure … Continue reading

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Chaos abounds

Forgive me, but my house is a disaster. This, friends, is what an international move looks like at the Stearns’ house… …and we’ve got a long way to go.

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Our Leave Date

This is why Mara is going with us…the boys sleep much better with her around.  On June 18th we’ll drive out of the Pacific Northwest, south to California, over through Arizona and New Mexico, and then to Texas.  Once in … Continue reading

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I’d be a horrible Israelite

 Mark and I have moved a lot in the past 8 1/2 years.  Every move has had its own difficulties, but this one is probably the hardest.  We’re doing the move ourselves, the boys are old enough to be attached … Continue reading

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Missing their hermanos

Missing their hermanos

Theo and I were looking through pictures today and we saw this one. Even though he’s only three, he recognized himself. He also knew Ana. As he looked at the picture he said,

“Mom, I really miss Ana and my hermanos. Let’s go to them.”

I agree, son. Let’s go.

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