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  1. Steven and Edith Ziegenbusch says:

    Mark and Jenni, I wanted to drop a short note to say thanks for doing what you are doing. The Lord has blessed my wife and me, and now it’s time we give back. We’ve sent a small donation in your name as directed on your website. Please do not thank us but thank our Lord Jesus Christ who has made this possible. Rest assured that my wife and I will be back in the states filling up the sand bags so that you can continue to do the Lord’s work in Nicaragua. May God bless all of you and keep you safe. You are in our prayers!
    Love Steve and Edith

  2. Danny Jewell says:

    Hi, it is nice to see a malevolent force for good moving through the country of Nicaragua. For a long time now I have been trying to find my way to Waspam, Nicaragua to share what I know. I have looked closely at the resources there for over two years and I believe that the Miskitu are wanting to build an Eco community environment before others can come and make changes (mistakes) like other places around the world. The best way to not pollute is to not start polluting but to recycle and use everything. A Cairo cultural community boosts an 80% recycling effort which makes them a living but does not satisfy all there needs. In a land as rich in resources and labor as Nicaragua there should not be poverty or hunger. I have spent a long time developing information/knowledge for over 40 projects that accomplish exactly that and the City council of Waspam has approved them and given me a tax exemption for them. I hope to be leaving in the next month or so but my health and limited income has slowed things down. I created a Facebook page “Nicamission” to hold the free information and to communicate with others, but to my surprise I haven’t had much of a response in all this time. If someone wants to get involved and help, then there is a lot more to discuss. The projects can be completed in about a year or less and the results will be far reaching. I have based my work on existing successful methods and technology from all ages of history to innovate the solutions that best fit the people of Nicaragua and their cultural development as they see it. I am a Christian, 60. An automation technician with a background in Computer Science and many other things. I have nerve damage that limits my physical ability to use my arms and hands but I can design and develop like a Macgyver. I believe that with enough knowledge, time and resources just about anything can be done.
    Hope to see you on my journeys,
    Danny R Jewell

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